ZIEHER Buffet & Tabletop Presentation

May 15, 2020

ZIEHER Buffet & Tabletop Presentation

The brand ZIEHER stands for innovative design in the tabletop- and in the buffet-section. ZIEHER stand for design products in 5*-hotels and top class restaurants in over 90 countries.

Products made out of different materials such as glass, stainless steel, solid wood, porcelain etc. and the combination of materials give birth to high-quality, modern tableware and buffet-systems.

This is why ZIEHER is internationally well known by its target audiences (executive floor, suites, and lounges) as a modern company with the strength to create innovative products with appealing, emotional design out of its own ideas.

Our team is honored to provide quality to all our customers, from High End establishments to Boutique Hotels, Conference Halls, Restaurants & Bars…


Zieher was founded in 1986 as a family business and manufactures luxurious food presentations and wine glasses worldwide.

Zieher started in 1986 as a sales company and introduced its first own design in 2006. Since then, the company steadily increased the percentage of Zieher design items in our product range and specialized our market to the luxury sector worldwide.

For Zieher, the key to success is extraordinary design often manufactured with high quality craftsmanship in small series. Zieher quality standards require a certain skill level and production of our designs is sometimes complicated or time consuming. All of this prevents mass production and therefore exclusivity as well as some protection against cheap copies even if the Skyline design is by far the most copied buffet system!

Zieher strives to present new products twice a year in order to stay at the top of the hotel industry