Neoperl: The water saving solution

An innovative and practical solution to preserve water for the hospitality industry.

NEOPERL’s water-saving products are quickly and easily adaptable to existing faucets, and will help conserve water and energy right from day 1! Expect a return of your investment in only a couple of weeks!

Whether your business is in the hospitality sector, or is concerned with facility management for companies, commerce, or public venues, we offer a wide range of products to suit your every need.

NEOPERL’s water-savers will lower the flow of your washbasins and shower faucets, all without lowering the comfort of your guests. Easily adjustable, and can be adapted to kitchen or shower uses to reduce water usage and save energy every day.

NEOPERL® products conserve and protect
 the fundamental element that is essential for life on our planet: WATER!