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    Miniatures from Zieher are made of porcelain and glass. The high-contrast combination with melamine, natural stone or stainless steel allows exclusive presentations of classy dishes.

    The classical basic material porcelain becomes an eye-catcher on the table by modern design. The feminine porcelain pillow “Donna”, the easy floating “DressCoat” variations or the palm stone “Cave” are just a few examples of the aesthetically pleasing Zieher creations.

    Glass is an incredible versatile material whose possibilities in terms of processing and design are almost unlimited. Zieher is using this to realize also exceptional shapes like “Donna”, “Lacuna”, “Amuse” or “Cuspis” of whom each thrills in their own way.


    Designed by Wilma Greim, the elegant pillows “Donna”, which are made of high quality porcelain or satined glass are inspired by a woman’s curved back. Available in three sizes, they stage every dish and surprise the guest with the extraordinary shape.


    The primary design element of the series “Cuspis” is a glass ball studded with fine spikes.The unglazed outside of the porcelain bowls with its distinctive texture is reminiscent of acorn caps. The bowls can be used on both sides, as a plateau plate or as a bowl. If the item is used upside down as a plate, the two rings on the plate’s underside can be used to separate the prepared dish into different sections and the cloches of the “Cuspis” series may also be used with it.


    Designed by Nadine Podewski, the elegant language of design reminds of set tables, the creation of the plates respectively bowls is characterized by the apparently free falling drapery of table cloth which creates a seemingly weightless, almost floating effect. “DressCoat” is available in five different sizes. Besides the main application as plateau plate, each item of the “DressCoat” series may also be used as bowl.


    Designed by Michael Schwarzmülle, the Tubes are made of borosilicate glass – shaped into unique pieces. Elegant presentation plates for amuse bouche, fingerfood. The series is also suitable for intermediate courses or smaller desserts as well as resentations of bread and oil or dips. The artfully curved inside of the tubes offers creative space for cutlery or napkins, decorative herbs, edible blossoms and more!


    Designed by Wilma Greim. Like the shell hides the pearl, the porcelain miniature “Cave” conceals precious delicacies within its hard shell. “Cave” is predestined for a use at cocktail and hors d‘oeuvres receptions or at the flying buffet.

    The glass versions of the “Cave” bowl are available in two sizes. The soft tinge of this grey glass, which is manufactured in a traditional hand-blowing process, emphasizes the content of these shapely objects. The miniature bowl can be carried comfortably and perfectly fits in the palm of the hand.


    Designed by Michael Schwarzmüller. The perforated walls, irregularly spread openings in filligree borosilicate glass – the small bowls of the series “Lacuna” stand out. The flexibly usable glass cone not only offers the option to present titbits as an extraordinary cloche. It also can be used either resting horizontally stabilized by fork or spoon or standing upright, fixed in various miniatures or elegant supports made of silicon.


    For more patterns or details and to download ZIEHER Catalogues, do not hesitate to contact us.

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