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    Different presentation levels create space and order on the buffet and move the food closer to the eye of the beholder. The dazzling array of shapes and materials of the Zieher displays and buffet plates allow a suitable solution for each ambience.


    This etagere, inspired by the elegance of a falcon, is giving wings to the creativity at the buffet. A single one can bear up to three plates on its wings or, when used as a duo, fitting buffet platters or a combination of both can be installed. Anti-slip supports can be plugged on if needed and thus provide a safe positioning of the platters.


    The buffet displays and luminaires of the “Somnia” series are made of organically shaped, filigree rods which are made of solid brass in traditional sand casting. These single components, reminiscent of brittle branches, are afterwards melded in complex handicraft to impressive unique pieces.


    “Textura” lives up to the high demands of gastronomy and catering in numerous ways. The displays are indestructible and very light, washable and dirt-repellent. The true potential of this innovative material is only disclosed in connection with light. The light-conducting properties of the filigree filaments manifest effectively when using the rechargeable Zieher LED light.


    The “Konkret!” series consists of a mixture of fiberglass and stone and therefore offers, next to the optics of concrete, low weight and high stability which facilitates handling to a great extent. The combination with buffet platters made of glass enhances the puristic appeal of the system.


    All trestles are made of galvanized steel and afterward coated with a robust and scratch-proof powder-coating in a classy matt black. Therefore the stands are also suitable for outdoor areas. A second variant of raw steel with a rusted and sealed surface inspires by the charm of corroded metal and perfectly matches the industrial style of modern architecture! Low weight, space-saving storage due to its stackability, easy handling and quick installation are just a few advantages of the “Crossline” series.


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