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    Serving exquisite dishes in a mobile way is an art which is supported by Zieher by stylish containers, presentation plates, trays and fitting accessories. The broad spectrum contains among others products made of porcelain, glass, wood and melamine and thus offers a proper solution of almost all occasions.

    Bento Box – Fexible Mobility

    Zieher Bento BoxServing guests at the pool, beach or on the terrace is often associated with longer walking distances for the service staff. The “Bento Box” from Zieher has been designed especially for these requirements: all components are stackable. This way they guarantee a space-saving storage and a comfortable, non-slip transport, even with several dishes at the same time.


    Especially in daily catering operation, two advantages of the robust material melamine become evident: dishwasher and food safety. The matt black surface of Zieher melamine products creates a clear contrast to glass and porcelain and impresses with its pleasant haptics.

    “StiXXX”, indestructible plug-in

    The indestructibility of laminated platters meets the advantages of plug-in systems. The plain displays are loosely stuck together, which ensures a quick and uncomplicated set-up as well as a space-saving storage of the single components. Thereby StiXXX meets in particular the hard requirements of daily use in the catering business.

    “Modul” System

    Modul is a flexible product ready for “Flying Buffet” service – and therefore ideally suited for use in the catering area. The slim, oblong format of the base tray, which is available in three sizes, renders the often cumbersome service at crowded standing receptions barrier-free and uncomplicated. The trays can be variably fitted with glass or porcelain parts, a bridge for glasses or a spoon bench for 4 spoons.

    “Solid” cutting boards

    Whether used for general catering, special events or at a hotel’s own buffet, the ZIEHER cutting boards feature both attractive design and high functionality. The cutting boards’ dimensions have been chosen in a way that two of them will find space in one customary transport box (60 x 40 cm). This facilitates easy storage and transport in everyday catering usage.

    The Stainless Steel “Ménage”

    The creativity and desires of high class catering have been implemented in the series of stainless steel ménages with fitting inputs.The ménages stand out especially due to their heavy quality, elegant optics and easy handling when used in service. With Amuse Gueule/Amuse Bouche playing a more and more important role, Zieher’s ménages are absolutely modern and trendy.

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