In Room Accessories & Electrical Appliances

Kettle, Hair-Dryer, Minibar, Safe, Iron Station and even our latest Capsule Coffee Machine are all the accessories that will give to your customer the feeling of being at home.

JVD is a trusted name in quality, durability and security, a favorite brand of international hotel chains and guests worldwide. From fast-boiling kettles and efficient hair dryers, to safes and minibars, JVD’s items are smart, stylish and efficient.

In the ever-demanding and relentless hospitality industry, JVD always aims to maintain sufficient stock to readily serve the needs of the hospitality industry. All JVD products come with an inventory of spare parts for future maintenance needs and a manufacturer’s warranty against defects.

JVD provides a convenient and affordable one-stop solution to hotel operators and project managers.

Click here to learn more about JVD, and JVD Green Commitment.

Eco-responsibility has been one of JVD’s pillars from the very beginning.

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