Tumblers and Goblets by IVV Italian Glassmakers

  1. General Details

    Set a table full of life with IVV’s colorful collections! The Italian glassmaker combines artisanal production and creativity for a warm and original table decoration. The goblets and water tumblers will go perfectly with your plates, whatever the materials and whatever the classic or contemporary style. They are suitable for both daily use and for particular mise en places, in combination with an elegant wine glass.


    Bolle: A new water tumbler collection presented by IVV.
    A simple shape combined with an original bubble design.
    Available in clear, pink and turquoise.
    [SMB] Semiautomatic Machine Blown Glass


    fordialiso colored gobletFiordaliso: a goblet with a timeless style.
    The goblets are suitable both for water or wine.
    Available in clear, indigo blue, pink, tortoise and honey.
    [MB] Mouth Blown Glass


    Iroko colored tumblerIroko: For everyday or for special occasions.
    Available in clear, periwinkle, pink, acid green, amethyst and turquoise.
    [SMB] Semiautomatic Machine Blown Glass
    Tumbler, High Ball and Pitcher


    Paper Set of coloured glassPaper: A set of 6 colored water tumbler glasses
    Available in clear, amethyst, indigo blue, acid green, yellow, tortoise and pink.
    [SMB] Semiautomatic Machine Blown Glass


    Ser Lapo: They are characterized by a greater thickness and an optic that is a reference to the Florentine ashlar style, which features the facades of many Florentine Renaissance’s palaces.
    Available in  clear, amethyst, bronze grey, peacock green.
    [SMB] Semiautomatic Machine Blown Glass


    Sixties: inspired by the 60s, the collection of tumblers comes in 6 different optics and various colors.
    Available in clear, dove grey, peacock green, indigo blue, acid green.
    [MB] Mouth Blown Glass: Tumbler and carafe.


    Speedy: A complete collection for your table setting. Available in clear, bronze grey, peacock green, amethyst, indigo blue, acid green, pink, turquoise.
    [SMB] Semiautomatic Machine Blown Glass: Tumbler, High Ball, Bowl – [MB] Mouth Blown Glass: Goblet, Footed bowl and Pitcher


    Tricot: An harmonious woven design illuminated in 6 vibrant colors.
    Available in clear,  amethyst, indigo blue, acid green, yellow, turquoise, amber.
    [MB] Mouth Blown Glass: Tumbler, shot glass and bowls.


    Vertigo: A collection of products characterized by a simple but decisive motif.
    Available in  clear, peacock green, bronze grey, indigo blue.
    [SMB] Semiautomatic Machine Blown Glass.
    The collection includes Tumbler, plates, 3-tiers stand, footed plate, dome, and cruet.


    Vintage: They are characterized by a double optic, the large mesh net of the parison and the honeycomb of the stem, which make their realization particularly difficult. Available in amethyst, turquoise, acid green, amber, yellow, pink.
    [MB] Mouth Blown Glass: Goblets and Footed bowls


    All IVV’s coloured glasses are 100% dishwasher resistant, since the color is given into the glass mass during the melting phase. This prevents the colour to be released both in the moment of use and in that of washing.

    For more details and to download catalogues, do not hesitate to contact us!


  2. Product care

    Products in transparent or colored in the glass mass

    To remove fat from the glass, use water with a few drops of vinegar. Dry after cleaning with a
    soft cloth,
    preferably in microfiber. Never use abrasive materials.
    Use with hot liquids: do not subject the glass to thermal shock.
    Oven: cannot be used in any kind of oven, gas, electric or microwave. This type of glass is not heat resistant.
    Washing: dishwasher safe (except for vases to avoid breaking).

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