IVV Italian Glassmakers

A Made in Italy Story of Men, Cooperation, Craftsmanship and Innovation

IVV – Industria Vetraria Valdarnese – is one of the main and very few remaining glassworks that still produce in Italy. The company was founded in 1952 as a Workers’ Cooperative. Since 1952 it has combined research on materials, creativity and design with artisan tradition, advanced production techniques and process control.

Quality and Sustainability

Transparency, brightness and resonance are the adjectives that feature the high quality IVV glassware.  IVV’s soda lime glass is lead free, solid colours are obtained with non-polluting oxides, the glass is internally fully recycled.

Hospitality Sector

IVV has a specific company’s division dedicated to the hospitality sector including glassware, tabletop, buffetware.

IVV’s glass stands out for its purity, brilliance and heavy-duty resistance. The color given to our glassware is given into the glass mass, so to be health-safe and dishwasher resistant.