1. General Details

    JVD safes are powered by the most advanced processors; engineered and built to provide maximum security for hotel guests. They are built to withstand rugged day-to-day use and to last the life of the installation. They are user-friendly and yet offer one of the most secured systems in today’s room safe security. It is a long-term investment in quality.

    JVD builds its future by safeguarding Quality, Competitiveness and the French know-how.

    In-Room security is serious business… You need a serious partner !

  2. Focus: Emergency Service Unit

    Electronic emergency openings
    No battery openings
    Audit functions

    Each JVD safe model has its own proprietary Service Unit. The Service Unit is menu-driven; no ‘guesswork’, no complicated procedures when performing emergency openings. It is non-volatile and does not require charging. It performs audit trail and it is essentially a Complete System. By connecting the Service Unit to the safe, it immediately provides external power to an otherwise lock safe (with no battery power). Optional purpose-built Service Unit bag for easy handling and convenient storage.

  3. General Specifications

    • Code locking (4 to 6 digits)
    • Power : 4 x 1.5V AA cells (AC optional)
    • 20mm diameter double bolts lock
    • Anti-tamper labyrinth
    • Push button keypad, LED display
    • Non-volatile memory system
    • Mechanical override available
    • Electronic override by Service Unit (PSU)
    • Security lock-out function
    • Lock-out of 15 minutes
    • Audit trail of last 200 past events
    • Internal outlet charging – optional
    • Standard colors: Black, White
    • Fastening: 4 bolts at base 2 bolts at back
    • Buzzer on buttons and functions

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