JVD: Electronic Door Locks

  1. General Details

    JVD’s electronic locks and handles are proven to match the most demanding standards of the Hotel industry. Every lock consists of a heavy duty mortise lockcase and a sturdy escutcheon attached with self-lubricating handle. This enable maximum security and comfort in every door access.

    Reliability through Innovation

    As new threats to security solutions surface every year, JVD is committed to offer the highest reliable security to both hotel operators and guests. Our technical expertise, experience and modern technology have resulted in a highly adaptable and reliable security locking system.

    JVD’s Midas Access Control System offers the complete package to any hotel operators and owners alike.

    Artistry and Functionality

    At JVD, we believe that functionality is only wholesome when taken into consideration its aesthetics and design relative to its operating environment. Similarly, as solid as it should be, the design of door locks can be creative and aesthetically matched with its hotel environment.

    For more details and to download JVD Door Locks System, please contact us.

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