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  1. General Details
    Machine made stemware and drinkware portfolio represents core position in the company’s offer and assortment.

    In 2001 RONA introduced, as the first company in the world, technology of the so called “pulled stem” into the blow – blow process. This process creates a monolithic product from the original two-piece process, and it significantly enhances its mechanical resistance and thus durability.

    EDGE: Edge stemware is designed specifically for innovative leaders in the hospitality market. The light weight, one piece of construction exudes elegance yet unprecedented chip resistance due to the laser treated rim. Design, technology, and execution, all at its best, all the cutting edge.


    IMAGE: Square-shaped collection, robust yet elegant, will please any customer with its well-balanced construction and natural self-assured feeling. Carefully designed cups allow the beverage to develop to its full richness while the stable footplate balances the glass to perfection. The geometrical shape is designed to provide the best protection against breakage or chipping.


    INVITATION: Suite Invitation is designed to enhance the bouquet and body of wines served on more official occasions. This classically shaped wine glass collection is completed by a selection of glasses designed for specific beverages such as brandy glass, the more and more popular margarita or a beautifully shaped martini glass.


    LINEA UMANA: The new collection of original shapes LINEA UMANA, created in cooperation with the prominent Italian sommelier Maurizio Dante Fillipiwas awarded for its ultra-light design and complexity of use. Only six wine glasses and two water glasses to meet the needs of all professionals in the sector and all wines produced in the world.


    MARTINA: Martina’s soft design makes this line a feminine counterpart to the Image suite. Born in cooperation with the Spanish wine industry Martina’s shape is a super-structure, inspired by drawing the best features of the most popular, well-established shape of the Edition and, on the other hand, the provoking design of the Image suite.


    OPTIMA: Banqueting range at its best. Short stems and slightly wider footplates predestined this suite as the RONA banquet solution for glassware. Reasonably sized cups of classic design are topped by a 37 cl / 12.5 oz. glass specifically designed for serving drinks with ice cubes.


    SELECT: Regardless of its size, the Select glasses are close to the quality of handmade production as you can get with the machine made production. Not every manufacturer can make glasses like tall Rona with their machinery, but we can also take advantage of Rona’s ability to do and offer our clients an exceptional product at a reasonable price.


    WINE SOLUTION: Originally designed as a stemless option for wine glasses the Wine Solution collection quickly proved that it would be unwise to limit this unusual set of glasses to only this purpose. The growing popularity of this avant-garde set of thin walled tumblers shows that its utilization may be much wider.


    For the bar

    EDITION: This line offers typical glassware for any drink, including a popular “Hurricane” glass for mixed drinks or two different glasses for sparkling wines – a prosecco glass and a real, serious champagne flute. Edition is the right choice for properties which offer a wide variety of services and need to have the right, reliable glass for any occasion.


    LUNAR: Because of its rounded shape the Lunar tumbler proved to be exceptionally immune to breakage and the shape also contributes to a protection against chipping. These qualities gained a growing number of customers for whom Lunar is the right choice when it comes to barware.


    MONDO: A totally versatile Mondo suite meets all the requirements for everyday, heavy duty. Although thickset in build, it still maintains a timeless elegance superior to others if its kind. An affordable collection offering a wide variety of shapes including the popular champagne saucer or even a cordial saucer.


    SOLAR: Solid, sturdy, massive with a great feel in your hand, these are the characteristics of the Solar tumbler suite, the newest offering in the Rona professional tumbler lines. Holding any of these robust glasses in your hand evokes peaceful and relaxed evenings spent with a good drink and good friends.


    STELLAR: An ability to offer a classic cylindrical set of tumblers is an obligation for every serious glass manufacturer in the hospitality industry. Rona covers the whole range with its Lunar suite, so popular all around the world. Like all Rona tumblers, Stellar is made with flat bottoms which do not retain water after dishwashing.



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  2. Technical specification and care
    • Special attention is focused on the composition of the glass batch. RONA produces own glassware in the quality of lead free-crystalline blanks.
    • This is a well balanced improved mix of basic necessary glass components – the result is now ultimate brilliance in color of the glass, with beautiful sound.
    • The products are specially strenghtend in places where they are particularly vulnerable. Glass is more resistant to scratches and strong impacts.
    • Its clarity remains after 1500 of industrial dishwashing cycles, and guarantees a level of durability and resistance that you will appreciate for several years to come.

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