Rona: a wide range of Holloware made from Glass

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    Rona offers a full range of glassware for hotels, restaurants and catering. Under the RONA 5 Star brand, you will find shiny glassware produced for the hospitality industry.


    Carafes & Decanters: A beautiful carafe of a daring design or another stately centrepiece has the power to adorn and enhance any laid table; this catalogue offers a few such unusual pieces. Whether a banquet table set for ten or bistro table set for two, RONA’s product assortment allows a customer to combine stems, tumblers and decanters to create their perfect scene.

    Pitchers: RONA is a rare example of a glassworks where the machine made production is accompanied by the handmade section. This fact gives RONA a unique opportunity to complete the professional glass assortment with hollowware not only produced by machine, but also with the more resistant handmade decanters and pitchers coming from its own production.

    Cloches: While cloches were originally designed to protect seedlings from the cold and frost, they now bring the art of food presentation to a new level of sophistication and elegance. Each cloche, designed from the bowls of RONA wine glasses, boasts brilliance and clarity, while enticing diners with delectable morsels worthy of such a display. Paired with the perfect plate or tray on their own or in sets, RONA Cloches will create an unforgettable dining experience!



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