Cra’ster: Tilt Buffet System and Glass Jars

  1. General Details
    Tilt is a unique, flexible buffet system offering endless possibilities for creative expression with a mixture of angles, heights, and materials.

    Comprised of cylindrical metal frames compatible with a variety of serving top solutions, the range enables creative display with elegance and poise. Tilt frames feature a precision fitted rubber ring, which gently grips the bowl and plinth surfaces, allowing for curated display with secured positioning. Accessories such as a juice dispenser and glass jars add unrivalled versatility to the range. Also available in black.

    Choreograph exceptional culinary displays with the new Tilt Triple Riser or the Tilt Extra Tall Frame, both part of the flexible Tilt buffet system. Pair a stainless steel riser with juice dispensers, glass jars, or a range of luxurious plinths to create visually powerful, multi-material presentations.

    Tilt Glass Jars

    Designed to fit with three different height Tilt risers, these three litre jars are the perfect solution for elegant cereal display. The turned walnut lids sit effortlessly on the edge of the jar for one handed serving, adding a high end feel to an existing or new buffet. This is the latest of our new additions to Tilt, and signifies our dedication to evolving this ever popular range.

    Tilt Plinths

    Elevate buffet presentation with our range of Tilt Pinth. Round or long, Tilt Plinth are made from marble, wood, glass. Long plinths provide an ideal surface for volume display as part fo the Tilt buffet system. Pair with 3-tier frames to create multiple heights, or any two same-height Tilt frames.

    Tilt Bowls

    Tilt bowls are intelligently engineered to fit seamlessly within our Tilt frames, with an ability to be tilted at various angles to enhance food volume. Tilt bowls are made from wood, ceramic, glass or brass. These bowls are perfect for cereal and salad presentation, and are also available in wood and ceramic.

    Tilt Juice Dispenser

    With its elegant curves and simple, functional features, the ice-free Tilt Juice Dispenser is a perfect addition to any buffet setting, quenching guests’ thirst with a seamless serving experience. The innovative ice-free cooling system keeps 8 litres of liquid (2.1 Gallons) cool for up to 4 hours, with an intelligently-designed drip tray locating easily onto the Tilt frame for enhanced stability and reduced spills.

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