Cra’ster: The Flow Hot & Cold Trolley

  1. General Details

    Flow is a versatile, modular buffet display system crafted around a gastronorm footprint, offering solutions for ambient, hot, and cold gastronomy services.

    Flow Hot and Cold Trolley delivers dual cooling and heating functionality in one compact, versatile, display unit; enabling true functional flexibility from chilled breakfast juice stations to heated brunch displays and frosted evening desserts. Available in both oak and walnut.

    Designed specifically to withstand extreme temperature changes, the food-safe, durable top offers a wide temperature range from -5 ̊C to 140 ̊C (23 ̊F / 284 ̊F). The trolley features multiple extending shelves, giving added storage for multi-height food display with easy access.

    Generous storage

    Multiple retracting shelves and two extendable side panels give added capacity for easy access, multi-height display and storage


    Craster Heat ControlAccurate temperature control

    With a subtle digital display panel, the unit allows for easily adjustable, accurate temperature control


    Flow also consists of stacking trays available in white-washed, black oak, natural oak or walnut, with plinth tops available in glass and white or grey marble and stainless steel or black odized steel risers. Flow’s interchangeable and stackable components offer versatility to tailor your display and allow for efficient replenishment between front and back-of-house, with new innovations regularly being added to the range.

    Please, watch the video ▻ to see the complete Flow system.

    Flow Accessories

    The Flow Cooling Trays allow for elegant display of chilled gastronomy. Consisting of an ABS liner tray, freezer cool pack, and food-safe slate, the trays offer offer a subtle addition to the Flow Range for chilled food presentation. Also available in oak, walnut, or black.

    A modern alternative to traditional chafing dishes. With a solid lacquered walnut oak, or oak stained black base, the Flow Heating Unit features a ceramic heating element technology and an easily adjustable, variable temperature control up to 140°C (284°F). Powered by an electric element you have the flexibility to use any pan for display. They can also be daisy chained together into 1 power outlet.


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