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April 26, 2021

We go digital!

In light of the resurgence of contamination in our two host countries, Cambodia and Laos, our teams will be working from home in accordance with the safety measures recommended by the respective governments. Our offices and showrooms are temporarily closed both for the protection of our staff and our visitors, but thanks to technology, we can easily stay in touch via zoom, email, and chat through various communication channels.

As such, our showroom is going digital, and you can follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram by searching


On YouTube you will find our Tricontinental Asia channel where we upload our videos.

Our showroom goes online!

We have also expanded and added various sections of our website. Our new large section will be devoted to the new standards that restaurants and hotels have to maintain for the safety of staff and guests alike. 

Cleaning and sanitizing products will be included, but also with a range of items such as mini bowls, fancy scoops, or catering boxes designed for individual use that allow to minimize the shared usage of, for example, serving cutlery at the buffet.

For take-away, we have a large range 100% compostable single-use packaging made from Cassava, Corn, Sugarcane and bamboo.


As always, we try to select only objects that combine utility and elegance to meet the highest requirements of our customers and guests.

Are you looking for something specific that you cannot find on our website? do not hesitate to contact us!

Be safe and keep distancing. Only by staying apart together will we overcome these troubled times.

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