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May 7, 2020

When health is at the heart of our concerns

In these times of Covid, with health at the heart of our concerns, good hygiene and impeccable cleanliness is that much more of a priority than usual for hospitality professionals.

Whether it’s for a restaurant, shop, office, hotel or even hospital, tools do exist in order to ease the work of your cleaning and maintenance teams to protect your visitors and customers.

Tricontinental has selected several products and companies which main activity is to provide adequate and affordable solutions.

Tricontinental is proud to be the distributor of Medklinn Air + Surface Sterilizers, a reputable specialist in eradicating bad smells, moulds, but also bacteria, viruses and cross infections in a cost-effective and chemical-free way.

Only Medklinn takes you beyond the ordinary procedures to clean up what pollutants other systems miss – because only Medklinn cleans more than just the air. Normal air filtering systems can only remove airborne pollutants, and do not neutralize moulds and bacteria on surfaces, which can have a detrimental impact on the overall indoor environmental quality.

Medklinn offers a wide range of products from personal and portable solutions to an integrated distribution system, depending on your needs and the spaces that you need to safeguard.

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