Steelite Performance – Brown Dapple

  1. General Details

    Rustic & minimal at the same time, Brown Dapple blends effortlessly with the Craft offer allowing new and refreshed presentations to emerge. Cool coupes and stacking bowls help deliver elevated styles of food.
    Whilst appearances may remind us of a bygone time the items and function of the pieces are extremely practical for today’s busy kitchens and fast pace service.

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  2. Steelite Performance - General Info

    The Distinction and Performance ranges manufactured in Stoke-on-Trent from our Alumina Vitrified clay body offer our customers the opportunity to purchase sleek and elegant pieces with the security of durability and lasting product excellence.


    Strength and value never looked better. Performance combines presentation with practicality. The range comprises smart, functional and affordable pieces in a variety of designs that are easily able to withstand the trials of daily use.

    • Practical and stunning designs
    • Outstanding reliability
    • Exceptional resistance to mechanical and thermal shock
    • An extensive selection of shapes, patterns and colours
    • Multi-functional pieces
    • All items freezer, dishwasher and microwave proof
    • Lifetime edge chip warranty for maximum confidence (Terms and conditions apply).
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