EKO Fit Shelving System

Modular shelving solution

  1. General Details

    EKO FIT shelving systems are self-supporting and do not need to be secured to floors, walls, nor horizontal or diagonal. The shelving can be mounted in a corner through the simple and rapid implementation of corner brackets instead of the frames, allowing the full use of the space.

    Reduce costs and improve accessibility in the corners. Eliminates the need of additional frames.

    The Eko Fit shelving system it’s easy to clean thanks to the absence of bolts and other parts on the frames. Shelf slats, polyethylene or aluminium, are easy to remove and run through the dishwasher as requested by HACCP.

    Aluminium Shelving System with polyethylene slats.
    Structure entirely stainless, certified for direct food contact. The framework is entirely in 20 micron anodized aluminium. Slats are available in high density polyethylene or anodized aluminium. Polyethylene is non-toxic, chemical resistant, low hygroscopic absorption, low friction coefficient good wear and tear resistance, large interval working temperature.
    Nuts and bolt are in stainless steel, hidden inside the structure.

    To download the Tonon Shelving Solutions catalogues, do not hesitate to contact us.

  2. General Specifications

    Careful selection of materials
    The Eko Fit shelving system has only two types of materials in view: 20 microns anodized aluminum and high-density polyethylene. You will never find an Eko Fit shelving with different materials.
    Aluminum is easily washable, lightweight and recyclable. In the same way the shelf is made in high density polyethylene slats easily removable and washable; polyethylene is recyclable, lightweight and durable.
    Both materials are suitable for direct food contact, and are not subject to alterations over time due to moisture, mold, and everything that could be created in the cold rooms.

    Designed and built tailored
    This innovative storage system is used in small cold rooms but can also be used in large systems, such as in a supermarket or in a wholesale food warehouse.
    All this thanks to the modularity of the shelving that allows us, in the design phase, to optimize the available space making it suitable for any environment.

    Load capacities and hygiene certifications
    The Eko Fit shelving system obtained, during the course of time, various certifications: NF and NSF for ease of cleaning and durability. Load capacity certifications are tested and declared on each shelf.
    To maintain these certi cations the shelving system and the production process are regularly checked and tested to ensure the authenticity of the product and its compliance over time.

    Safe use
    Inside cold rooms several hundred kilos of food are stored daily
    To avoid breakage of the packaging and ease of storage, the shelves of the Eko Fit shelving system are rounded to avoid as much as possible such incidents.

    Quick and easy assembly
    The Eko Fit shelving system is very easy to assemble; no special tools are required.
    The frames and shelves t together thanks to a patented double peg in order to obtain a more stable and integral coupling as if it were screwed.
    Every detail has been designed to give continuity to the structures combined with various optional accessories that make it up.

    Possibility of changes over time
    The special Eko Fit assembly method allows you to quickly and easily change the shape of the shelving system in a few minutes, from a linear composition to a corner unit up to the “U-shape” composition.
    This is possible especially due to the great modularity (110 different modules for each height) that our shelf is able to satisfy.

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