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    Choose the right mop for the job. Select from disposable to maximum durability, frames and handles.

    Wet Mops

    The Web Foot® Wet Mops contain antimicrobial product protection, which inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause odors & stains. Balanced blend of cotton and synthetic fibers delivers up to five times the absorbency of cotton mops. Looped-end, open-twist yarn reduces linting. Tailband allows the mop to cover more floor area per stroke, saving time and money.

    The Dura Pro Cut End Cotton Wet Mop is an economical choice for general purpose cleaning. Cut-end, 4-ply cotton/rayon/synthetic yarn blend for good performance and durability. Outlasts and outperforms cotton. Excellent absorbency. Narrow and wide headbands available (1″ and 5″). Recycled content: colors are up to 65% post-industrial cotton and 35% PET plastic. Non launderable, bucket wash/wring only.

    The Headband Wet Mop is a cotton/synthetic yarn blend for almost twice the absorbency of cotton. All-purpose mop for general cleaning. Looped ends reduce fraying associated with cut-end mops. Universal headband fits both side-loading and clamp-style handles.

    The Super Stitch® Blend Wet Mop outperforms and outlasts premium cut-end mops 2 to 1. Balanced blend of cotton and synthetic yarns adds absorbency and strength to this mop. Looped ends and yarn tailband mop for greater floor coverage. The 5-inch headband works with clamp-style mop handles.

    The Invader® Side Gate Handle’s thumb wheel clamps the mop firmly in place; should be used with 1″ (2.5 cm) headband mops only.


    Dust Mops

    The Twisted-Loop Cotton Dust Mop 24″ FGK75300 is a premium prelaundered dust mop that provides maximum durability and optimal cleaning performance. Twisted loops create fuller mop heads with no gaps, offering better coverage than traditional ply yarn and improved collection and retention of dust and dirt particles. Less prone to snagging, fraying, and unraveling. Slip-on backing for easy setup. Durable polyester backing designed for launderable printing. Recycled content: up to 100% post-industrial cotton.

    The Snap-On Wire Dust Mop Frame 12″ FGM25100 is a corrosion-resistant frame. Powder-coated. Heavy-duty metal frame for durable performance.


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