Rona Glassware

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    Slovakia’s Rona has been making glass products for over 125 years, offering a wide range of products for the private consumer and the restaurant, catering and hotel industries. A century later Rona is recognized as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of non-lead crystal stemware. Rona is now in Laos and Cambodia.

    Rona is perfect for Fine Dining with its large variety of shapes, all with taller, slender stems and larger bowls with generous capacities. Traditional, Contemporary and Romantic shapes give operators various options for their table setting.

    Rona, a synonym for a reliable and devoted partner with a rich history, responsible environmental policy, clear ownership structure, and output exceeding 70 million pieces of high quality crystalline glassware, certified by quality control ISO 9002.

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  2. A little bit of History

    Its history reaches back to 1892 when it was established by Josef Schreiber’s family.

    Rona pantograph etchingSince the very beginning Rona utilized cutting edge technology and was a leader in glass production. Rona introduced many technological improvements that were significant for the development of the whole glass industry.

    1896: installation of the pantograph decorating machine, first of its kind in Continental Europ.

    1956: Implementation of handmade production using the so-called pulled stemware process.

    1962: Introduction of the first automated production processes

    2017: Rona celebrates its 125th anniversary!

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