Podiums for conference room

  1. General Details

    Here a selection of podium with microphone and reading lights. They are customizable and come in different materials and designs.

    Plywood rostrum 760 features:
    Laminated plywood.
    Reading light, microphone connector, power plug. Reclining reading tablet.
    ø50mm heavy duty wheels.
    Additional acrylic logo available.

    Plywood rostrum 710 features:
    Solid high pressure laminated plywood.
    3 compartments with a height of 300 mm between the removable shelves.
    Comes with Gooseneck Reading Light, Gooseneck Microphone.
    ø 75mm heavy duty wheels.

    lecternAcrylic and stainless steel rostrum features:
    Combination of stainless steel, aluminium and acrylic.
    It comes with Gooseneck Reading Light, Gooseneck Microphone.
    Additional acrylic logo / laser cut logo is available


    Contact us for more designs.


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