Medklinn Air+Surface Sterilizers: Personal Solutions

  1. General Details

    Breathing clean air is just as important for our health as exercising and the food we eat.

    Medklinn offers a range of products for personal use, suitable for all situations, whether in the home, in your car, or when traveling.

    Asens+: The Home Series

    Sterilizing your air and surfaces in your home, providing protection for you and your loved ones 24/7. As Active Oxygen fills up your living space, it sterilizes your air and especially the surfaces – eliminating allergens, bad odors, bacteria, viruses and moulds on your beds, curtains, sofas and carpet.

    • Low energy consumption: less than 6.5 watts.
    • Coverage area: 200 sq ft / 400 sq ft / 600 sq ft.
    • Easy to install: small in size – takes up minimal space.
    • Easy to maintain: the Cerafusion™ Cartridge generally does not need cleaning – just change it once a year.
    Versa: The Travel Series

    Enjoy cleaner air and surfaces, in style, wherever you go. The Versa comes in many colors.
    Versa 25 which is rated to cover up to 250 square feet comes in Rose Gold while Versa 45 covering up to 450 square feet comes in Classic Titanium.

    • Easy to carry: the Versa is small and super light, weighs lighter than a tablet – only 220gram.
    • Easy to use:  connected by micro USB.
    • Easy to maintain: You only need to replace cartridge once a year. No cleaning is required.
    • Smart reminder: LED indicator light blink when a replacement cartridge is needed.
    Autoplus: Vehicle Cabin Series

    The Cerafusion™ Technology enables complete disinfection of the cabin air and surfaces, ensuring the health and well-being of passengers by delivering a continuous flow of Active Oxygen to fill your vehicle interior, eliminating 99.9% of pollutants, bacteria, viruses, mould, odors, and allergens found in the air and on surfaces like seats, carpets or dashboard.

    • Easy to use: the Autoplus is equipped with an optional Docking for USB connection and an extra USB port.
    • Easy to maintain: the Cerafusion™ Cartridge generally does not need cleaning – just change it once a year.
    • Adaptable: The Autoplus is designed with a power dial to control effectiveness level for different car size and need.


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  2. Technology
    Medklinn’s patented Cerafusion™ Technology creates Active Oxygen, just as nature does. 


    How does it work?
    • Active oxygen eliminates bacteria and viruses by:
      ▻ breaking down bacterial cell walls,
      ▻ damaging viral DNA and RNA.
    • Active oxygen oxidizes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde, a cancer causing chemical.
    • Active oxygen denatures allergens such as dust mite allergens.
    • Active oxygen eliminates odours such as: cigarettes, pets, food or moulds.
    • Active oxygen eliminates airborne particles such as: dusts, spores, moulds.

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