MealPlak: Go Creative, Go Colorful!

  1. General Details

    Because details make the difference, give sparks to your culinary presentations and surprise your customers by playing with light, transparency, color, a silky touch

    MEALPLAK brings colors to your Buffet and Table dressing with its large choice of trays, plates, cake stands, and raisers.

    Mealplak was originally a blend of innovative yet differentiating material. But then it became a pleasure of working on original, modern and inter-changeable trays…

    Mealplak offers a large range of shapes and colors. Adding volume and shine to your buffet tables, both indoor and outdoor, we invite you to try our contemporary and colourful products, adapted especially for you, like the stylish versatile anti-slip stands which can be used in many different ways.

    Mealplak is made from Nacryl© which is exclusive, renowned, high quality material, attractive and easy to use. Completely food safe, it seduces with its bright colors, its subtly translucent and silky touch. It is very appreciated by professionals for its resistance to the stresses of everyday use. Nacryl© is Thermal chock resistant (-112/+176°F)

    Keeping cool

    Put your Mealplak® products in the freezer for 30 minutes and it will maintain the cold for 30 minutes.


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  2. General Specifications

    NacrylMade in France

    Nacryl® is an exclusive Technoplak high-end material recognized for its aesthetics and ease of use.



    • Thermal chock resistant (-112/+176°F)
    • shockproof
    • 10 Year warranty against UV
    • Thermal Memorization
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Food safe
    • Non Porous
    • Luminescent
    • Silky touch
    • Frosted finish
    • A large variety of colors.
  3. Product care

    To keep the transparency, we advise that you lightly clean the surface of the product with a mix of water and vegetable oil to give all its brilliance to Nacryl®.

    The maintenance of the products is very simple:

    • flat storage or stacked
    • Dishwasher
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