Laguiole & Le Thiers Steak Knives

  1. General Details

    ANDRÉ VERDIER a brand with a wide product range, tailored for your needs.

    Established in 1859 in Celles-sur-Durolle, near Thiers – the French capital for cutlery from at least six centuries – VERDIER Manufacture has perpetuated the know-how of master cutler craftsmen for more than 150 years. Thanks to a continuous human and technical commitment, they have constantly been innovating and adapting theirselves to ever changing needs of society, Andre Verdier proposes traditional and innovative products that correspond to all the tastes, usages and budgets.

    The “Art of cooking“ range

    100% forged professional knives, household tools devoted to culinary preparation and finally, the products of the French three Michelin starred chef Anne-Sophie Pic. The spatulas and the paring knives created in collaboration with the C+B Lefebvre design agency and chef Anne-Sophie Pic are available for all the cooking enthusiasts!

    The “regional knives” range

    André Verdier presents hereby a selection of 3 traditional French knives and their ranges developed for different uses:

    • The outstanding “Laguiole”  with an amazing variety of pocket knives, flatware and culinary utensils for all uses.
    • The famous “Le Thiers®“ with its beautiful pocket knives, stunning knives and butter spreaders.
    • The irreplaceable and helpful “Tiré-Droit“ with one, two or even three tools per piece adapted to all usages and pockets!
    Green Commitment

    The life cycle of our products is 100% ecological. If you bring us or ship your old VERDIER products we can recycle them to give them a new life from reusable materials.

    VERDIER Manufacture, heir of a traditional craftmanship which has almost lasted for two centuries, is involved in keeping the continuity of the ancestral know-how. The passion is transmitted from father to son without forgetting to evolve towards modernity and constantly concerned about ecology.


    For your gift ideas, a restaurant, a shop, special requests or any other occasion we also realize the laser customization of many of our product ranges, from tableware to folding knives. Engraving of phrases and logos, on blades or handles!

    For more details and catalogs, please contact us!



    VERDIER Manufacture: A family story, a protected heritage facing the future.

    A unique factory that guarantees “100% made in France” products.

    As a French company, it is not our wish but our obligation to work with local businesses in order to promote and support our economy.

    The widest range of French cutlery products carried by our own brand names

    Since 1859, date of our first trademark registration, six generations of cutlers have worked hard to propose one of the most remarkable ranges of French cutlery: professional and household knives, kitchen utensils, flatware and pocket knives.

    Three brand names are now supporting the values of our French artisanal craftmanship:

    • “ANDRÉ VERDIER” -on behalf of our grandfather- is dedicated to the art of cooking, to traditional pocket knives and also to regional items, such as the well-known “Laguiole”.
    • “SCOF” and “DELARBOULAS” are devoted to high class flatware, presented in various standard models or custom tailored for the customer’s needs.
    • On the other hand, our factory also owns other brands, which are focused on an industrial and French quality production.
  3. General Specifications

    Manufacture’s flatware, knives and utensils are manufactured with food safe materials, all of them are dishwasher safe (except for wooden or horn handles). Nevertheless they request special care and attention when using washing products.

    Before the first usage

    Unpack the articles to ensure their whole perfect new state.
 Hand wash them carefully with a soft sponge and a neutral and weak alkaline cleaner. Dry with a soft cloth.

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