Kangabox: isothermal box for catering

  1. General Details

    When it comes to transporting food, go for KANGABOX. Practical and colorful!

    The KANGABOX Tower is the easy and convenient solution for transporting baking sheets or trays. As a practical front loader with tightly closing sliding door, it ensures easy handling by catering staff. Clever: the insert grooves for hot and cool packs and locking feature for safe and stable stacking without sliding. Available in 10 color variants and a choice of 10 or 6 insert grooves.

    The KANGABOX Trip is a reliable accessory for shopping trips, bbq parties and excursions.

    KANGABOX come in various sizes and colors, with a full set of accessories.

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  2. General Specifications

    Why choose KANGABOX?

    • Stable: Robust yet lightweight: Thanks to the high material density and strength displayed by EPP, the KÄNGABOX® is dimensionally stable, shock-absorbing and scratch-proof. Providing sensitive contents with optimum protection. Manufactured from a single piece without seams or joins, the KÄNGABOX® is extremely shatter-proof as well as being eminently suitable for heavy loads.
    • Stackable: Need to transport a lot in a small space? No problem with the KÄNGABOX® as the intelligent stacking system guarantees space-saving and safe transport. The base and lid are perfectly co-ordinated to prevent boxes from sliding.
    • Recyclable:Protects contents – and the environment: the entire KÄNGABOX® range is manufactured from expanded polypropylene (EPP). EPP is not only stable and temperature-resistant, it is also gentle on the environment. And even the manufacturing process is energy-saving as EPP is 100% recyclable and free of harmful substances.
    • Temperature-Resistant: The KÄNGABOX® has excellent insulation properties in a range from ice-cold -40 °C to boiling hot +120 °C. This has also been confirmed by measurements. The mean loss or raise of temperature will be between 1° to 3° C per hour, provided that the KÄNGABOX® is duly filled.
    • Easy handling: The KÄNGABOX® is easy and safe to handle. Thanks to its ultra-lightweight and ergonomically-shaped non-slip handles, for example. And care is equally easy as transport: dishwasher-safe to 80 °C and easy to clean, the KÄNGABOX® is soon ready for its next application.
    • Leak-proof: Neither heat nor cold: Nothing permeates the KÄNGABOX®. This is attributable to the perfectly-closing and firmly-positioned lid as well as its high material density.
    • Customisable on demand.

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