1. General Details

    Designed and dedicated for hotel use, JVD hair dryers are manufactured to withstand rugged day-to-day use and to last the life of the installation. They are impact resistant, well-tested and certified, and offers high drying efficiency.

    With the largest choice in design and colors, JVD offers the ultimate in style and convenience. Already the famous name with leading hotels worldwide and interior designers, a JVD hairdryer is the epitome of superior performance and luxurious design.

  2. Focus: the LighTouch® technology

    With many innovations and patents to JVD’s name, the LighTouch® technology is yet another proprietary system available only in JVD hair dryers. Gripping the handle will turn on the hair dryer. The hair dryer will automatically turn off upon releasing the handle. There is no button to press and hold. It provides maximum guests comfort, convenience and the ultimate in safety convenience and the ultimate in safety.

  3. General Specifications

    • Power 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 1875W
    • 2 air flow settings
    • Ionic system
    • 3 temperature & cold shot
    • Over-heating & circuit protection
    • Removable lter for easy cleaning
    • Removable nozzle
    • Electrical insulation Class II

    Depends on model

    LighTouch® power on/off system
    • Long-life AC motor
    • Spiral cord 40-50 cm extendable with plug
    or Straight cord 250 cm with plug
    • Wall-mounted support
    • Anti-theft fixation

  4. Features

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