Drinique Stemless Glass

  1. General Details

    Stemless : The Multi-Tool of Drinkware.

    Striking a beautiful balance between form and function, the Drinique stemless wine glass is perfect for all occasions and much more than just wine. It’s perfect for any cocktail or drink, and with a heavy base, it’s designed to feel as good in your customer’s hand as it looks on the table.

    You can choose clear glass or bring vibrant colors on your table.

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  2. Product care
    • Freezer safe
    • Safe with hot and cold liquids
    • Commercial dishwasher safe
    • High-Temp dishwashers are recommended
    • Low phosphate and low chlorine washer detergent and sanitizer are recommended
    • When using a 3-tier washing system, avoid using scratch pads or abrasive brush scrubbers
    • After washing, store glasses dry
    • Tower dey and polish glass for best results
  3. General Specifications
    • Safe for Pool, Beach, Patio, Boat or RV
    • Unbreakable, Made from Tritan™
    • BPA-free, Safe, Eco-Friendly
    • Thick Wall, Heavy Base, Handfeel Comparable to Glass
    • Freezer Safe
    • LIFETIME GUARANTEE Against Breaking and Cracking
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