Drinique Drinkware: Shatter your perceptions of glass

  1. General Details

    What if your glassware didn’t break? What if it didn’t crack? And what if that glassware was guaranteed for life?

    Drinique drinkware is made from extraordinary Tritan TM Copolyester, even at 500 trips through a dishwasher this revolutionary material stays clear.

    Stack them without sticking, wash them without cracking, and even drop them without breaking; no matter the distress they continue looking good.

    The collections carafe is a sleek & beautiful thick-walled wonder, with a removable base for thorough cleaning.

    Try inserting a garnish before serving, so even water becomes a work of art. In addition to being BPA-free and eco-friendly, Drinique drinkware is practically indestructible making it a perfect match for the hospitality industry!

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  2. Product Care

    Use and Care Guides

    • Freezer safe
    • Safe with hot and cold liquids
    • Commercial dishwasher safe
    • High-Temp dishwashers are recommended
    • Low phosphate and low chlorine washer detergent and sanitizer are recommended
    • When using a 3-tier washing system, avoid using scratch pads or abrasive brush scrubbers
    • After washing, store glasses dry
    • Tower dey and polish glass for best results
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