1. General Details

    Refined, elegant, and available in three standard colors with benefits found in no other carafe.

    Unbreakable and featuring a removable base, the collections carafe is a sleek & beautiful thick-walled wonder, with a removable base for thorough cleaning.

    You can easily fill with ice, add a garnish, or make refreshing infusions.

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  2. Product care

    Use and Care Guides

    • Freezer safe
    • Safe with hot and cold liquids
    • Commercial dishwasher safe
    • High-Temp dishwashers are recommended
    • Low phosphate and low chlorine washer detergent and sanitizer are recommended
    • When using a 3-tier washing system, avoid using scratch pads or abrasive brush scrubbers
    • After washing, store glasses dry
    • Tower dey and polish glass for best results
  3. General Specifications
    • Removable Base, Easy to Clean, Stackable Storage
    • Safe for Pool, Beach, Patio, Boat or RV
    • Unbreakable, Made from Tritan™
    • BPA-free, Safe, Eco-Friendly
    • Add Ice, Garnish or Refreshing Infusion
    • Freezer Safe
    • Commercial Quality Carafe / Decanter
    • LIFETIME GUARANTEE Against Breaking and Cracking
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