Pasha Soap & Gel Dispensers

  1. General Details

    Our sets of dispensers are a convenient and elegant way to keep your care products clean. Your soap, shampoo, shower gel, and conditioner, can now easily be stored for your guests’ use.

    Coming in a variety of styles, our dispensers are available in several original designs out of ceramic, resin or marble and stone, such as the Roman Design, inspired on the imposing and strong pillars of the roman forum, or still, the Crane line, envisioned to reflect the beauty and elegance of the bird.

    Why choose Pasha?

    √ Pasha Dispensers are free form heavy metal such as cadmium, lead, etc. that can harm people’s health.
    √ the inside of our amenities are glazed. Therefore, a chance of chemical reaction between the ceramic powder inside and the solution (shampoo, shower gel) can be reduced to zero%
    √ Pasha products are tested according to the British standard benchmark, CERAM.

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  2. Consumer care & Technical Specification

    Thanks to the inner glazing of our products, any risk of a chemical reaction between the ceramic and and the solution inside (shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, etc…) is effectively avoided, ensuring your products remain clean.

    Our products are tested according to the British standard benchmark, CERAM. The CERAM test guarantees that our products are free from any heavy metals, such as lead or Cadmium which can have harmful effects on one’s health, and in that spirit, we have carefully selected a range of colors that do not include any harmful materials.

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