Digital Clocks & Chargers

  1. General Details

    JVD Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio with USB Charging are specifically designed for hotel use. They offer exceptional hotel mode functions, such as time ‘set and lock’ and maximum volume control via special operator key only, auto battery back-up during AC power failure, and room-specific bluetooth system.

    All JVD models comes with a one-off alarm. This prevents guests from waking up to previously set alarms. In addition, the ‘gentle wake’ alarm wakes guests with gently ascending alarm volume.

    3 models: Zouk Clock, Powerclock, Jazz Blu Dock. Zouk Clock is a full feature entertainment system. Guests can choose to play music over the high stereo sound system with bass via bluetooth or AUX cable connection, or listen to one of multiple auto scanning FM Radio Channels. The 2 USB ports will serve to power up the smart devices by tech savvy guests.

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  2. Hotel Mode Features

    • One off alarm system, no daily alarm, snooze function
    • Room-specific bluetooth system
    • Time setting via operator key
    • Maximum volume control via operator key
    • Instant auto power-cutover
    • With long-lasting battery feature

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