1. General Details
    Copper cookware brings glamor and warmth to any kitchen; they also provide the assurance of quality cooking!

    We have selected two series of kitchen utensils.

    The first one, more traditional, suitable for all cooktops except induction.

    An assurance of quality cooking with a material composed of 90% copper and 10% stainless steel, a single-piece skirt and bottom. This material diffuses heat evenly and quickly: not only on the bottom, but also on the sides; a heating circuit is created and the food is cooked evenly.

    • Also available in brass handles.
    • Suitable for all cooktops except induction

    These copper cookware sets combine tradition and modernity; they are suitable for all cooktops, including induction.

    Copper for exceptional cooking combined with a stainless steel interior for easy cleaning.
    90% copper – 10% stainless steel
    2 mm thickness across the bottom and the skirt of a single block.
    Polished finish.

    • Suitable for all cooktops including Induction.
    • Riveted and ergonomic French-style long handle and side handles in cast stainless steel.


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