Bath, Spa and Pool Towels

  1. General Details

    Since the hotel room is for any traveller a place to relax, bring them a touch of luxury and comfort with the perfect towels and bathrobes. We are selecting the best manufacturers for your bathroom linen as we aware that quality of the towel has become a vital part of any hotel bathroom. From small white cotton hand towels to large bath towels, we have a size and quality of towel to suit your bathrooms but also Spas and Pool

    We know that quality and longevity are important issues. Our range of towels, bathrobe are made from high technology machines and are subject to high standards quality control. For instance, our towels are made of 100% long staple fiber cotton (600 gsm+) for added superior strength, softness and absorbency. This extended fiber length gives towels a stronger, finer-gauge weave and superior wear over repeated washings.

  2. General Specifications

    • 100% Cotton with long staple fiber yarn.
    • Machine washable with heavy duty stitches
    • Customized woven and embroidery are available
    • Different sizes and weight available according to your desire

    Maintenance Tips
    • Normal wash: hot, warm or cold water
    • Machine wash: in cold water
    • Light bleaching when necessary (white towel only)
    • Tumble dry: warm lower heat, cool
    • Remove promptly
    • Apply a warm iron for even a softer feel.

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