KIATSIAM: Menus, stands and all leatherware

April 3, 2019

KIATSIAM: Menus, stands and all leatherware

Our very first partner… since the beginning of our Tricontinental Hospitality operations.
Qualitystyle, and a flair for luxury best describe KIATSIAM products.

Kiat Siam Leatherware specialises in the finest quality leatherware products, custom designed to meet your special requirements, whether you choose genuine or PU leather, canvas, wood, recycled wood, or any other material.

We realize that the quality of our products is important in supporting your corporate image, and we take pride in ensuring the high standards of our products and service to meet the needs of many a satisfied customer from around the world.

Our team is honored to provide quality to all our customers, from High End establishments to Boutique Hotels, Spas, Restaurants & Bars…


With more than 30 years of experience in producing quality leather products, our expert craftsmen are sure to meet the most demanding of requirements. We take pride in our ability to design and produce the most extensive range of everyday and unique leather items.

KiatSiam has evolved and adapted to new techniques and trends, with its own designer team and has even teamed up with photographers and artists to offer unique products, with print on canvas or PVC.

KiatSiam’s teams are always looking for new materials, like recently, pineapple fibers.