My Glass Studio Bento Plates and Baskets

A fusion of the Asian bento style dinnerware and the European fine dining dinner set.

The Bento Dinner Plate Collection by MyGlassStudio is an assortment of covered serving dishes based on the bento box design. It is a key to solve contradictions that all restaurateurs and hoteliers are currently experiencing, such as Safety vs Elegance & Style.

The collection includes a main plate, appetizer plates, soup bowl, side plates and a cutlery case. Trays, domes, cake stands and lunch boxes will nicely complete this set of bento plates.

A great Solution for In-Room Dining Service.

To turn in-room dining service into fine dining in a hotel room, all you need apart from the fine dining menu, is to get rid of the traditional room service trolley as well as of the traditional room service tray. Offer in-room dining in a creative way with a bento basket completed with a cutlery case and a condiment tray. This is the way to help guests feel safe and make it worth for them to travel again.

MyGlassStudio offers a perfect solution for room service, buffets and cocktails… and even picnic with our new lunch box collection.


Beyond the 11 standard colors, MyGlassStudio offers the possibility of customization with a wider range of tones and patterns, to meet your exact requirements.