THRILL: A unique glass sanitizer

  1. General Details
    Sanitise and chill glasses in seconds.

    In just a few seconds you can kill 88% of the bacteria on the glass surface, the cause of bad odours and unpleasant aftertastes that pollute the quality of your cocktails, wines, beers and drinks.

    A unique machine that not only sanitises your glasses in seconds, but keeps drinks cooler for longer without watering down the beverage or altering the flavour and aroma.

    Stylish and theatrical, THRILL is a must have for upmarket bars and restaurants.

    Ever wondered why cocktails served in the trendiest bars taste so much better? The answer may not lie in the contents of the glass, but within the glass itself. A glass that has been cleaned and sanitised properly enhances the overall taste experience. The invisible residue that remains after washing may taint the taste and odour of drinks, compromising the quality of beverage served.

    THRILL vs Ice makers and Ice trays.

    Ice makers in most cases are not cleaned regularly creating a prolific environment for bacteria growth. The ice bins located at the bar are supposed to protect from contamination. The results of analysis and study however have proven that there is a lack of attention given to the hygienic conditions relating to the production, handling and storage of ice.

    THRILL reduces the ice consumption

    Reduce the ice consumption of your venue and eliminate the storage space of chilled glasses. With Thrill International glass chillers, you can lower the temperature of the glass to -40°/-4°F in just a few seconds and provide your customers with undiluted drinks and cocktails.

    THRILL is the perfect new generation tools of the modern mixology.


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  2. How THRILL destroys bacteria?

    THRILL destroys of the bacteria present in drinking glasses using liquid carbon dioxide.

    Inoculated microorganism Pre-treatment Post-treatment
    Salmonella enteritidis 9 x 102 < 1 x 102 (> 88 %)
    Staphylococcus aureus 6 x 102 < 1 x 102 (> 83 %)
    Escherichia coli 8 x 102 < 1 x 102 (> 87 %)
    Penicillium nalgiovense 2 x 102 < 1 x 102 (> 83 %)
    Listeria innocua 5 x 102 < 1 x 102 (> 80 %)
    Pseudomonas putida 3 x 102 < 1 x 102 (> 66 %)
    Brettanomyces bruxellensis 2 x 102 < 1 x 102 (> 50 %)
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