SANTOS: Equipment for your Restaurant Kitchen

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    SANTOS, or the full snacking solution.

    Santos equipment is dedicated to all the kitchens of restaurants, hotels, cheese shops, supermarkets, pizzerias, ice cream shops, cake shops and even butcher shops…,

    The genuine Santos Grater (1954) is still operating and it comes with a wide range of discs to grate hard and soft cheese, chocolate, peanuts and dried fruits… Its new design facilitates cleaning and maintenance.

    The Santos kitchen blender is the ideal appliance for mixing, liquefying, grinding, crushing all kind of hot and cold preparations such as gaspachos, soups, purées, creams… Adapted to intensive use thanks to its powerful and silent commercial motor and its new highly resistant blades that can crush hard ingredients such as ice cubes or lobster carcass…

    The Vegetable Slicer  is delivered with 3 discs to slice, grate and shred (T3, R3 and E8). A complete range of discs is available on demand to cut, slice, grate and shred.

    The Dough Mixer is ideal for bread and pizza dough. It operates like a baker’s dough mixer. Ideal to knead 4 kg (9 lbs) of hard dough within approximately 15 minutes. The dough mixer is equipped with a heavy duty and silent induction motor.

    The 10 Liter Planetary Mixer is the ideal appliance to mix, knead, beat, and whip all kind of preparations. Makes quickly any kind of dough (up to 5 kg) thanks to its 8 speeds and 3 tools: dough hook, flat beater, wire whip.

    The Meat Mincer mostly dedicated to butcher shops, and supermarkets… This is the ideal appliance for the preparation of ground beef, hamburger steak, sausages, pâtés… It can mince all kinds of meat, including the most difficult ones. A set of 3 sausages cones is available in option.

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