Sanelli Ambrogio: Truffle Slicers

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    The truffle has the power to transform a dish from the mundane into the extraordinary. It goes without saying that such a valuable ingredient needs to be treated with care, which is why investing in a high quality truffle slicer is of the utmost importance to a Chef.

    Sanelli Ambrogio offers a wide range of truffle cutters or shavers, made of olive wood, rosewood and stainless steel.

    The special care during the sharpening process and the high precision thickness adjustment system allow you to cut perfect slices without wasting product.

    Inox steel plain blade, sharpened with greatest care. High quality adjusting screw for a perfect cut with thickness between 0,2 and 3 mm.

    This slicer can also be used for mushrooms, vegetables, parmesan and chocolate.


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