Sanelli Ambrogio: Forged Knives

  1. General Details

    The Sanelli Ambrogio forged knives line that pairs in the optimal way tradition and modern technology: every knife is forged as a unique piece and it is checked and completed with meticulous care.

    Chef: Forged knives

    The special inox steel blade has the optimal hardness and corrosion resistance; the optimal balancing helps for a correct use over time. The handle is resistance to dishwashing machines and is in compliance with actual food safety laws.

    Master: Forged knives

    Forged knives with modern and charming design, projected for demanding users. Every knife is forged in a unique piece of special inox steel and is sharpened, grinded and checked with superior care and attention. Handles in thermoplastic SEBS elastomers, available in different colors in compliance with HACCP and food safety laws, are also dishwashing machines resistant. High quality raw materials and finishing make every single product a distinctive one.
    The Master line comes in standard colors: black, yellow, blue, red, white.

    Hasaki: Japanese forged knives

    Ha Saki means “sharpened edge”, the perfect name for the new line of Japanese style knives. Blades are made of special nitrogen stainless steel (NITRO-B), that improves an uniform microstructure with excellent corrosion resistance and final hardness up to 57-59 HRC. As in original Japanese tradition, only one side of the blade is sharpened. Thanks to this special feature what is being cutted touches the blade only for a very short time and friction is thus reduced to minimum. This sharpening style is ideal for a long and progressive cut, for thin slices and fillet fish.


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  3. Quality certifications

    Quality: Sanelli Ambrogio professional knives’ blades are made of the best nitrogen steel…

    Certifications: Every product of Sanelli Ambrogio range are in compliance with Italian, European and US laws.

    • Sanelli Ambrogio acts in compliance with Quality Management System certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.
    • NSF brand, now on Supra and Supra Colore product lines, clarifies that these products respects all NSF standards about design, materials and production process.

    Professional Cutlery: The choice of the best steel and a careful manufacturing process during every step guarantee high quality. Sharpening and grinding are handmade by experienced craftmen.

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