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    Pekoe is a line designed by Lucas Frank to celebrate the art of tea. Pekoe is the most delicate and fragrant kind of black tea, made from the first harvest of the plant, and especially from the young shoots.

    At both tea-time and at the dining table, the contemporary lightness and minutely executed aestheticism of this collection set the stage for a high-class tasting experience.

    Jugs, sugar and other bowls, plates, teapots and bamboo trays were introduced alongside the original cups to create the ideal vessels for tea-times inspired as much by the gourmet aesthetics of French tea-drinking as by the pure lines of Asian tradition.

    Made of black clay with a special black smooth finish it has a delightful touch and handling.

    Treated with an aged-silver or dark-metal enamel on the inside, the cup conserves its exterior of raw black paste but this is polished to give a soft, sensual feel when held in the hand.

    The Teapot comes with an infuser basket made from Stainless Steel.


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