Revol: Bring an authentic style on your table!

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    Dynamic colours, textures and enamels with a narrative force: Revol tableware brings together diversity and luxury in bespoke and timeless table settings.

    In addition to white, the porcelain plates are available in an assortment of subdued, refined colors, all made of heavy-duty porcelain.

    Below a selection from the large number of Revol collections: Caractere, French Classics, Pekoe, Adélie, Elizabeth’s Everyday, Club, Equinoxe, Basalt, No.W, Swell, Likid & Solid, Sphère, Arborescence… Please contact us for the catalog.


    Arborescence: These pieces, Revol’s first tableware collection, pay homage to the life force of Mother Nature. The sinuous veins of this collection evoke the complex patterns of wood grain. The plate is available in 4 colours, ivory and liquorice or decorated with gold or silver, allowing you to play on textures and contrasts. Dinner Plate, Bread Plates, Deep Coupe plate, Rectangular plate, bowls complete the Arborescence Collection.


    Caractère: The flat plate is simple but incredibly elegant. With the enamel removed by hand, the plate’s outline displays the black clay in its uneven form. The collection is available in a range of sizes and in a delightful white colour to adapt to dining tables in contemporary style. The collection features Plates, Presentation Plate, Oval Plate, Gourmet Plates, Bowls, Saucer, Cup and Centerpiece. It also comes in 6 other colours linked to the theme of spices with warm tones evoking the flavours of local produce.


    No.w is the first table collection to integrate environmental friendliness from the very beginning of its conception in order to preserve the planet’s resources. Produced from recycled Revol pastes and enamels, the plate has an artisanal design where the potter’s hand adds subtlety and rhythm to all types of culinary preparations. The collection features Dinner Plate, Rectangular Plate, Deep Plate, Deep Coupe Plate, Bowl, Cup, Mug and Creamer. Three subtle colors enhance your creations: Unfinished Recyclay, Indigo Blue and Arctic White.


    Solstice: An homage to the earth. The modeling, glazing workshops, & the machining itself conserved the artisans’ intervention in all stages of manufactures. Several techniques are tried out to ensure that each piece is unique. Bringing together creative innovation and traditional savoir-faire, the collection delights gourmets and visual aesthetes alike! The collection features Rectangular plates and bowls. Colors and patterns: Solar Storm, Cosmos Gold, Cosmos Platinium, Moon Light and Black Moon.


    Unlike bone china, porcelain plates are resistant to chipping and thermal shock.
    Plus, they are dishwasher-safe and can be placed in the oven and microwave.

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