Silent Minibar

  1. General Details

    JVD minibars are completely silent during operation, offering maximum comfort to your staying guests whether you choose the thermo absorption, the heat absorption system, or the new CPE smart compressor that operates on ultra-low energy.

    This means your guests, even the lightest sleepers, enjoy maximum comfort.

    JVD minibars are available in different capacities to suit your cabinet fittings. They come complete with LED interior lighting as well as quality lock. They are engineered and built to last. Purchasing a JVD silent minibar is a long-term investment in quality. Every one is built to withstand rugged, day-to-day use and to last the life of the installation.

    With the latest integrated drawer design, refreshments and snacks are clearly visible and easily accessible from the top. Powered by either heat-absorption or smart compressor technologies, JVD minibars promise to deliver cooling in style.

    When floor space becomes a constraint, JVD’s slim Sky Bars offer the perfect solution. Available in 12L and 17L, these contemporary minibars can be mounted on the wall or by the classic installation within a cabinet.

    Our JVD Minibar’s+

    • 100% Silent 24 hours a day
    • 100% Ecological
    • 66% Less Energy consumption
    • No motor, no moving parts

    Click here to learn more about JVD, and JVD Green Commitment.

    Eco-responsibility has been one of JVD’s pillars from the very beginning

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  2. Thermo-Absorption System

    Available in 25L, 30L, 40L, 50L.
    12L Sky Bar wall mounted minibar
    Solid door or glass door.

    • Thermo-absorption system
    • Power 220~240V, 65W, 0.37kWh/24hrs
    Low energy consumption
    • Automatic defrosting, quality lock included
    • Interior LED, adjustable tempered glass shelf
    • All round magnetic door insulation
    • Reversible door
    • Silent operation without vibration and noise
    • CFC-free
    • Capacity 30L, 40L, 50L
    • Solid / Glass Door

    Utilising the most advanced thermo-absorption technology, TA minibars achieve a completely silent minibar system with absolutely no ammonia gas compound. It’s complete CFC free and contains environmentally friendly, no odour, non-toxic gas which results in long lasting and quick cooling performance.

    Contact us for more details or download our catalog.

  3. Heat-Absorbtion System

    Available in 30L, 40L and 50L.
    Solid door or glass door.

    • Heat-absorption
    • Silent operations
    • Automatic defrosting
    • Internal LED light
    • Quality lock included
    • Adjustable shelf
    • Reversible door
    • Magnetic door insulation
    • CFC-free
    • Power 220~240V 60W
    • Capacity 28L, 30L, 40L, 50L
    • Solid / Glass Door

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  4. Smart Compressor System

    A New Generation of Minibars
    JVD Smart compressor minibars are amongst the next-gen smart technologies. The control panel allows users to easily adjust cooling settings when it matters most, and stays silent when needed.
    Available in 30L and 40L.

    • Quick cooling for new replenishment
    • Completely silent when guest is resting
    • No compromise on cooling performance
    • Very low energy consumption
    • Highest energy class A+++ rating.
      • Solid foam door or 3-ply tempered glass door
      • Smart compressor system
      • Eutectic cold plate for enhanced cold preservation
      • Refrigerant R600a, cyclopentane
      • Power: 220V~240V 51W
      • Consumption: 0.135 kWh/24hrs
      • Automatic defrostin
      • Quality lock included
      • Interior LED lighting
      • Tempered glass shelve
      • Magnetic door insulation
      • Reversible door option
      • CFC-free
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