1. General Details

    Allow your hotel guests to fondly sleep like a baby on the high quality mattress with reasonable prices to invest on and save your money to pay for any extra cost of other luxurious mattress branding expenses with same mattress material quality inside your bed.

    Long-term trust & reputations of highest quality hotel – mattresses built through 50 years that never end our exclusive hotel clients’ satisfactions from generation to generation.

    Our mattresses are built to last. Most of our hotel clients have truly satisfied to overuse our hotel mattresses until they’ve – forgotten it’s time to change the new mattresses again.

    • Super Spring is a comfortable and durable mattress at easy price. Fine uphosltery layers ensure long lasting usage.
    • Sleeprite presents you with a standard spring mattress with quilted cover at comfortable price. Durable 2.4 mm. spring coil and standard upholstery layers ensure you that your choice of Sleeprite is a smart one.
    • Back Care Spring Foam supports your body and back in accordance to orthopedic principle. Light grey striped cotton ticking and extravagant anti-dustmite fire retardant jacquard are also available.
    • Pocket Spring. The Back Support Care technology of Pocket Spring is super supportive with each coil wrapped in individual spunbond pocket. Every toss and turn disturbance is minimized. Covered with fire retardant jacquard fabric.

    Not to mention the Classic Rollaway  and Foldable Rollaway convenient to move and easy to store.

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