1. General Details

    JVD offers a complete line of quality cordless kettles to meet the needs of Hoteliers. The kettles are produced with the highest quality food grade materials and components. They are also carefully designed for ease of cleaning and maximum heat transfer for fast boil.

    JVD latest kettles are equipped with fast boiling controllers, concealed heating element, water level window, convenient 360° rotational base and hinge locking lids. Most of JVD kettles come in double-wall with spring assisted lid for extra guest safety when handling hot water.

    Or wide range of new kettles come with the trendy colours of the year: Olive Green, Canary, Pearl, Acqua Blue but also Copper Gold and Matt Black.

    For a perfect maintenance, we offer the Descaler powder, odourless, 100% biodegradable and non toxic.

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  2. Focus: the SwitchSafe system

    With many innovations and patents to its name, the SwitchSafe® system is yet another proprietary system available only in JVD kettles. This patented system features special switch design to prevent short-circuit and unintended reboiling. This significantly enhances operational safety and prolongs kettle lifespan.

  3. General Specifications

    • Power 220V-240V, 1500W
    • Auto turns off when boiled/empty
    • Power pilot light
    • Concealed heating element
    • 360° water reservoir

    Depends on models:
    SwitchSafe® power system
    • SafeTouch® Double-wall construction
    • Capacity 0.8L, 1,0L, 1.7L

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