1. General Details

    Bathroom mirrors are an essential, and a practical addition to any bathroom; whatever your bathroom’s style or size. Long, oval, wide, circular, with lights or without, we are sure that we have the right bathroom mirror for you.

    We have a range of illuminated mirrors featuring the latest LED technology or delicate cup lights which comply with strict safety regulations and are easy to install.

  2. Battery range: Galaxy, Cosmos

    • Both available in 2 options:
    wall-mounted double arm or desktop with adjustable height.
    • Battery operated
    • Approximate 5 years battery life.
    • 3 minutes auto-power off
    • 200mm diameter
    • LED white light
    • Brass with chrome finishing
    • Single side
    Galaxy: 3x magnification
    Cosmos: 5x magnification

  3. Electric Range: Lunaire, XL, Lunaire Duet Evo

    • Both available in 2 options:
    Wall-mounted double arm or Desktop with adjustable height
    • AC 220V~240V input, 18V output
    • 200 or 250mm diameter, single side
    • White LED,
    • 15 minutes auto-power off
    • Brass (excellent resistant against rust)
    • In chrome finishing
    Lunaire: Magnification 3x,
    Lunaire XL and Lunaire Duet Evo: Magnification 3x, Touch Blue power sensor

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