JVD – The French Touch

April 1, 2019

JVD – The French Touch

JVD, the first French manufacturer of hygiene and hotel accessories. Tricontinental Hospitality is proud to distribute JVD minibars, kettles, hair-dryers, iron stations, safes, door locks, and many more items in Laos and in Cambodia.

The strength of JVD resides in our range of accessories adorning hotel rooms around the world for over 30 years. JVD accessories help to personalize hotel rooms, giving them that final elegant touch to ensure your guests’ well-being. Accessories are what truly make a difference.

For more than 30 years, JVD has been developing the know-how to guarantee the satisfaction of its customers.

The importance given to reducing the ecological footprint is another core value of the French Touch


In the ever-demanding and relentless hotel industry nowadays, JVD always aims to maintain sufficient stock to readily serve the needs of our clients. All JVD products come with an inventory of spare parts for future maintenance, as well as a manufacturer’s warranty against defects.

In order to match the requirements of its customers, JVD has developed its manufacturing skills by integrating its Research, Development, and Design Departments within the same premises allowing for greater flexibility and more innovative items. The various studies carried out for the designing of hospitality products, along with its rigorous quality control, together with a performing after-sales service, led JVD onto the path of success.


Beginning with the design phase, JVD products are made to minimize their impact on the planet. From packaging to power consumption, each detail is carefully conceived to preserve the environment.

If our products lasted 20 years without you having to replace them, we would be thrilled! At JVD, we design quality products meant to withstand the test of time.

Working and Preserving
We have always been convinced that the strategy of today should be to improve the future of tomorrow. All the teams at JVD actively strive to think of everything and to make a real difference. From design to manufacturing, transport to use, and customer service to recycling, we know that every detail counts.

Kettles are designed to be smaller in size to reduce water wastage, minibars are made to run on advanced energy saving thermo-absorption systems and produce zero greenhouse gas. Our amenity trays do not involve usage of wood for a greener environment.

Responsible Engineering
With paper and energy usage reduced as much as possible, fewer components, and a low wattage required to switch them on, our products are eco-responsibly designed and produced.

All our waste is sorted and collected before being sent to a treatment and recycling centre. For example, we reuse our suppliers’ cardboard boxes for our shipments, and we grind used paper and then use it as wedges for our shipped products. What about the rest? It is recycled or reused by other companies in the region!

Combating planned obsolescence
At JVD, our products are designed and tested to be repairable. Our appliances’ spare parts are available for 10 years. Quality products meant to work and be used for the long term.

Commitment to responsibility
The company’s commitment on this subject only grows stronger every day and now concerns each of its different levels. JVD is dedicated to the idea of green industries and makes it a point of honour to play an active role in an ecological transition which looks out for everyone’s well-being.

Eco-responsibility has been one of JVD’s pillars from the very beginning.